Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry for the Delay.

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry for the time in between posts. I have been such a busy boy with so many different things. Well sorry that is a lie. This little thing called WoW Cataclysm came out and yeah!! I got a couple 85s running around now.

Christmas, wait we had a Christmas holiday? oh yeah! I spent some time with my children. I had a great week of no wow, warhammer 40k. Just daddy and daughters time. I been working hard to make my EDDAR list even deadlier. The new and improved 1850 EDDAR list is a much more in your face list then the 1500 verision. I have a couple more options. I even found a way to squeeze in a 8th tank in some cases.

I got an incredible deal on some ultra marines. I got over 4k in points at a steal. I am going to learn those smurfy little bastards if it kills me.

My first game played with my little smurfs was against Sonsofdefiler rapage Jim. I honestly love playing Jim. He knows all the rules and is pretty strategic. I also know when I get my list in order I will always have someone willing to take a beating or dish one out in Jim. I never seen his chaos army and I must say it is painted really nicely. However, I know my eldar can whip that list into the warp. I need to figure out a space marine one first.

Oh If anyone has any Drop pods, tanks or lascannon marines up for grabs let me know. Those models will go to a good home and be given battle orders to destroy every mofo in their path.


So my battle shout for my marine army is going to be modeled after one of my favorite 80s movies.
Charlie Sheen yelling Wolverines.

But in this case its Marneus Calgar yelling EDDARINES!!!

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  1. I like Edeptus Astartes.

    You know, if you want to those guys could get repainted to be Wolverines or maybe the Red Dawn chapter.