Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dropping fools like bad habits!

Today the local Hobbytown hosted a Warhammer 40k tournament. The turn out was just ok! It drew only 4 people but a bunch of others came in late. The issue was people did not hear much about the event due to some issues with the dates and turning in the army list before the day of the event. I am sure the next event in April will have a much better tournament turn out. It was a 1250 point game. Annihilation was the game type and standard deployment. The strange part of the scoring was what you had left on the board at the end of game.

The 4 armies were
John-- Orks.  I have never played John before, I have seen him up at the store before and I knew he had an Ork army. However since I know Orks really do not stand much of a chance against my Eldar, I didn't pay much attention to his army. Well today I had the wonderful opportunity to play John in the 1st round.

Johann-- Eldar. Great the other only player that plays Eldar in the local area comes up to my Tournament! He has the audacity to play the Eldar. PPPFTT! His list was different then mine. It was full of bikes, a seer council on bikes, and a few fire prisms.

James-- Dark Eldar. I figured for sure James would be playing blood angels but he decided to play Dark Eldar, When I heard that I damn near begged to play him in the first round. I have no issues playing the darker side of the master race. If I have initiative, I would rape his armor off the board.

Me-- Eldar. I was feeling very uneasy about this list but after seeing the mission type I knew I can play extremely aggressive and use my speed to my advantage. My list was.

3 squads of fire dragons 8,8,7 all in wave serpents with scatter lasers.
2 dire avenger squads of 5 both in Falcons with scatter and Pulse lasers.

1st round match up Johann vs James, John vs Me

I was busy playing my game but Johann vs James was a 6 turn blood bath. I believe both had less then 200 points standing and the victor was James and the Dark Eldar. Johann rolled horribly with the seer council and didnt take out much before it became a melee war.

John had won initiative I was just fine with that. His list was.
BattleWagon with a big nasty smelly ork with a forefield. ( most aggravating thing in his army)
Truk with a big gun.
3 small meks
1 big mek
big stinking ork on a big chopper bike. ( pretty cool model.)
30 man squad of dark green orks.

       Before the game I noticed John was aggravated with some road rage issues on the way to the game. Could I use this to my advantage? John kept his army in one tight group. Moving them together in every turn. His big bike guy would run around to get his 3+ cover save. He targeted my Avatar early and often. My first turn was nothing short of poop filled shooting. Nothing destroyed nothing gained. John had to be happy about that. If it was not for that stupid force field I would of popped both trucks and his bike guy. He made at least 6 saves to saves his armor.

      2nd Turn He spent more time moving his guys than anything else. Blah blah move together, shoot zap gun. If my armor was 11 he would of glanced it all day. However its 12 and the sounds of ding, ding, ding continued ringing off my tanks for his shooting phase. He did throw another would on the avatar which was stupid. My 2nd turn is where the fire works started popping up. Boom, goes the truck! couple more wounds on the big biker, a small mek pops and explodes killing a boy, and the avatar charges in killing 2 more small meks. That god damn force field cover save did save his other meks another round or 2 (5 more saves).
     3rd turn John moves all together to try and kill the avatar which he spent way to much resources to do but he killed it. That was really it. My 3rd turn I basically moved in some dragons as bait to open more chances for my others to get some more points. I tried to blow up the battle wagon, but a full squad of fire dragons tried blowing it up but the cover save ate up the shots. very disappointing. Killed some more orks, but nothing big.
      4th turn John kept turtling but, he took the bait. I lost the fire dragons but I was able to reposition some stuff to take down more points. He also blew off one of my Pulse lasers and a scatter laser from wave serpent. I moved around killing 2 squads of Orks, giving me the point advantage. Took the big bike guy down another series of wounds.
     5th turn he moved shot and hit nothing, ding, ding, ding. and I shot some more orks and won the game by 80 points. A very close game but it ended on turn 5. If he had a chance to gain points on force field cover save attempts and converts he would of won.

3rd place game John vs Johann. John won, he steam rolled the Eldar while lol'ing in his trucks.

final Me vs James.

I had the I tinitiative. Set up in case of a steal, When he did not I knew I had this. I moved everyone just enough for some decent range shots. His raiders and ravager had 5+ cover saves with a night shield i believe it was. Well I opened fire, playing very aggressive. I broke 2 raiders and killed some troops.  Took the main weapon off the ravager and was smiling from ear to ear. I ran the Avatar up to basically eventually tie up the dark eldar troops till all the armor was destroyed. James said, well at least I got 2nd place and 50bucks. I was like yeah man. He took some shots and they were all saved or went DING!

2nd turn, I kept moving forward. Shooting down the ravager and more  ground guys. I took away some shots to basically reposition everyone for some just in case something goes wrong. I charged the Avatar in killing a couple guys but since I rolled 3 1's on damage rolls 3 people lived. The avatar took nothing back but tied up one squad. James really knew the game was over. He just wanted to play it out for morale, He wanted to kill the avatar. Good luck. 50 attacks on the Avatar, and he took 1 wound. That Archon bitch is a joke. The Avatar hit her 5 times and got nothing with her stupid 2+ save. Fire Dragons took down some warriors on both sides leaving the assault with the avatar left.

3rd turn James was 8 models away from being tabled. I moved in all my fire power to make a hornets nest around the melee. The Avatar killed 5 more guys. But was taken down on the opponents assault. After consolidating. They turned around to see 16 fire dragons, 3 wave serpents and 2 falcons ready to fire on their position.

4th Turn. As I picked up my dice to open fire, A hand was extended across the table signifying a defeat to the Dark Eldar.

The hard part was choosing the items I wanted to buy with my brand new gift certificate. A Wave Serpent and a box of Fire Dragons.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I got a new army, a tournament coming up, and I need some red paint.

Over the past few weeks I picked up a couple new armies. I picked up the Marines as previously mentioned. Yesterday I picked up damn near 6,000 points worth of Tau. I do not know why anyone would need 6k worth of a single army, but I got a metric shit ton of little tan battle tech guys.

I like the way the Tau are set up. Big guns, can not shoot them all that well, and suck at melee. Hmm what other army do I have that is the same thing. Oh yeah my EDDAR. The current mechanized Eddar list is now 20-2-2 over the last 4 months. Oh wait back to the Tau. Who came up with the crisis suit models? I mean a little tiny leg joint supporting a big bulky figure. Whats up with the walking mechs with big bodies and little chicken legs? I am not going to list the entire army but I have 3 broadsides, 17 crisis suits, a bucket of kroot and 8 skimmers. A bunch of fire warriors and scout sniper models. I am trying to come up with a paint scheme but some of them are painted pretty good as is.

A tournament is coming up at the local Hobby Town. I have a feeling I can win this tournament. I see 3 obstacles to this victory. 1st the lists are 1250. I hate this!! I have had all of my success at the 1500 or 1850 value. This is going to be challenging. 2. So many people have schemed and plotted against the Eddar. They have scouted, made specific lists, and conspired against me. I hope they are all to focused on the Eddar and forget to take into account the brand new big red beast hitting the blood angel armies. (storm raven) That crap is so broke it makes my list look like,... well beatable. 3rd is my own pride. I might try to over complicate the strategy and over think each move and end up making that mistake and giving myself an early exit.

Yes, red paint. I remember hearing an old saying. If you can not beat them, join them. Well I have beaten the blood angels many times. The big red fist of fiery death is making me think I need to turn the smurf marines into Blood Angels. Yes the storm raven is that bad ass! GW needs to make a new series of combat rules for units in a flying transport. If your flying at 500 miles an hour and you blow up, the troops or armor inside should not just drop to the ground with out some major damage. I have decided that When I win the tournament I will be picking up 1 storm raven. I will probably even get some of the modeling pros to assemble it while I create the big red list of death.

The future Blood Angel list will probably consist of.
1 storm raven
2 land raiders
Jump Packs,
Couple Dreds,

I will also equip them with a new brand of smack talk to give my opponents.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry for the Delay.

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry for the time in between posts. I have been such a busy boy with so many different things. Well sorry that is a lie. This little thing called WoW Cataclysm came out and yeah!! I got a couple 85s running around now.

Christmas, wait we had a Christmas holiday? oh yeah! I spent some time with my children. I had a great week of no wow, warhammer 40k. Just daddy and daughters time. I been working hard to make my EDDAR list even deadlier. The new and improved 1850 EDDAR list is a much more in your face list then the 1500 verision. I have a couple more options. I even found a way to squeeze in a 8th tank in some cases.

I got an incredible deal on some ultra marines. I got over 4k in points at a steal. I am going to learn those smurfy little bastards if it kills me.

My first game played with my little smurfs was against Sonsofdefiler rapage Jim. I honestly love playing Jim. He knows all the rules and is pretty strategic. I also know when I get my list in order I will always have someone willing to take a beating or dish one out in Jim. I never seen his chaos army and I must say it is painted really nicely. However, I know my eldar can whip that list into the warp. I need to figure out a space marine one first.

Oh If anyone has any Drop pods, tanks or lascannon marines up for grabs let me know. Those models will go to a good home and be given battle orders to destroy every mofo in their path.


So my battle shout for my marine army is going to be modeled after one of my favorite 80s movies.
Charlie Sheen yelling Wolverines.

But in this case its Marneus Calgar yelling EDDARINES!!!