Monday, December 6, 2010

T minus 8 hours til the Cataclysm

Here we are on another eve of a World of Warcraft expansion. I have many tough choices over the next few hours.

1. Do I go to game stop at midnight and grab my copy of  the game, come home install it and play til about 4 am, then go to work to about 2pm go to hobby town and destroy some guard or orks?

2.  Do I go to bed right now, wake up at 11:45 and go to game stop, then go to work early and get out about 10am, then off to hobby town to kill some more orks or guard?

3. Do I go to bed right now, wake up at 11:45 and go to game stop, come home and call out of work and skip killing the orks and guard and play wow all day?

4. Do I just wake up at 230 go to work, go to hobby town about noon, kill some orks and guard then pick up the game and start playing.

All of these options are very likely. However I am what you would call a fighting champion. I have a 2 tile lead in our campaign and I can either sit back with my lead and not take the chance of losing or I can go BALLS DEEP and go for 2 wins and end the campaign tomorrow. I am probably going for the 2 wins tomorrow. I am hoping my grey knight buddy John will be there for his 3rd can of Eldar ass whoopin. Although the sexier fight would be the scratchy bearded god of the orks Seneca. I gave him such a beating last time I broke his will. I took out my exacto knife and wanted to take stinkrots head but he kept telling me no. /SIGH.

There is one more player, Robert you have blemished my perfect record and stole my hive city! I hope you bring your purdy mat and squadron of tanks. I have a new list for you and its faster, stronger and full of fire power.

Does anyone else here play WOW?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Amzing win and a loss by one kill point!

Today was a rough day, It started out amazing then it got ugly. I felt great about both games even though I was down 100 points the 1st game and 150 the second, both games were hard fought and my opponents pushed my army to the brink. I learned some new tricks to my army and I also made stupid mistakes. I am not taking any thing away from their win by my mistakes I am just saying I made them and I have learned to do things a little differently.

Game one Eldar 1650 vs Traitor guard 1750.

With my extra points I put in a couple vypers and added some troops here and there. However my opponent added marbo, and chaos space marines in a rhino. I went first and took some weapons off tanks and killed a few troops. I then lost some fire power with damn near every turn my fire prisms were shaken. I had 2 squads of fire dragons get pinned from an exploding wave serpents. That really took the fire power away from me. My banshees got stuck in combat vs scout sentinels. Yeah that really sucked. 3 elite squads worth 500+ points did zippo! Turn 5, my storm guardian squad held 2 objectives out of 3 and the game ended! I have no doubt given one more turn I would of lost. Great game Jim, every time we play it is always competitive and very interesting. Thanks for the game!

Remember that win on the random game end?

Game 2.
Eldar 1550 vs IG 1700
Again I am facing an up hill battle. I didn't get much but I changed some things to get some holo fields for my Fire prisms. This game was decided on Kill points and spear head deployment ( i hate that spear head shit). First turn is about to start and I am all lined up with fire prisms set to unleash hell. Then a bolt of lightning struck. HE FRIGGING STOLE INITIATIVE! Holy SHIT! I knew as soon as I saw that die roll it was going to be a long game. Before I can move, he knocked out 2 of 3 fire prisms and they could not move, and destroyed both of my vypers with tank busting weapons. HO HUM! I struggled to really get into the game. my Banshees were again worthless and my fire dragons did not really get much off the board. We were  tied on turn 5 I was begging for it to end. I had nothing I can do to really take the tanks out, I just shot at them with scatter lasers and I got a few stunned. But his mvp was this douche named Straken! he survived a 30 shot blade storm with an assault charge! That was the difference maker. At the end of turn 6 I was begging for one more turn and of course it ended on turn 6. He was in the lead 7-6.

The cherry on the sundae was the fact he took my hive city! My first loss and it was costly! Like I said I learned a few things and I will not make the same mistake again. Vs Robert I will need to change my list up a bit.

I am still in the lead by 2 tiles. I have only one opponent left to play before i have played everyone. Oh and my dear friend Robert. I am coming for ya! I will take my hive city back!

Monday, November 29, 2010

And tomorrow is Tuesday

Its Monday evening and here I am going over my army list. I in the mood to run over some traitor guard or a more classic imperial guard army. The issue is that I currently have 10 tiles in the planetary empires campaign, no one else has more then 8. I believe a few people have 6. Before the game starts I am already giving up atleast a 100-200 points. Hopefully my manufactorums give me some points to make up for the difference.

I am running this list.
Farseer with doom, singing spear.
2 squads of 7 fire dragons
2 wave serpents with tl scatter lasers
1 squad of 10 banshees with exarch and power weapons
wave serpent with tl scatter lasers
3 fire prisms
1 squad of 10 dire avengers exarch with power wpn and shimmershield
wave serpent tl scatter lasers.
1 squad of 10 storm guardians ccw and pistol.

I predict a win in 3 turns and a chance at a tile.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Today I am watching football, eating, painting fire dragons, eating, watching football, painting striking scorpions and probaly eating and watching football, wait I can watch the third game because time warner sucks and does not carry the nfl network!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Dawn of Dominance

   We are 3 weeks into the Planetary Empires campaign at Hobby Town in Greensboro, NC. We have some great people involved with this campaign. I am relatively new to the store and the gaming scene in Greensboro. I hope to continue playing these games with these fine people.

   In our campaign we have the following armies.
1. Orks
2. Imperial Guard M.
3. Imperial Guard R.
4. Grey Knights
5. Dark Eldar
6. Traitor Guard
7. Eldar ran by me.

Three weeks ago I was wondering how I would fare versus experienced players, I knew nothing about planetary empires and still getting used to the new Warhammer 40k rules. I was hoping at best just to learn the game better and make some new friends.

Week 1. 1500 points. Eldar vs Grey Knights.
This match was a real massacre. My Elder army only lost 3 units and completely vaporised every member of the Grey Knight army in about 4 rouns of combat. At the end of the match I successfully took over one of my opponents territory. This gave me 8 tiles and a great start for many weeks to come.

Week 2. 1500 points Eldar vs Imperial Guard M.
  I was tinkering with a list that would dominate and strike fear into my opponents. When an Eldar player puts 7 tanks on the table, 4 of them filled with squads of blood thirsty forces of destruction it could spell bad news for anyone. I will not lie. I thought i was in a real fight with a 50 man squad and 3 big IG tanks, and some star wars rip off walkers. I never played vs IG. When I played Warhammer 40k back in 2001. I heard IG really suck and they only have one good tank. No one ever played them back then. So I was thinking why in the hell would we have 4 IG based armies playing in this league. They must be a lot better.
  Wow I was wrong. No offense to my boy M. but it would of been faster and less painful for you to just let me kick you in the nuts and take 20bucks for my time. The Eldar just steam rolled over him only losing a few models and one tank. The game was an objective game and I held 2 objectives and contested the other 3. he only had 3 members of a squad left over. I then went to the big planet board and decided to take one of M's manufactorums. With a solid roll that gave me a total of 9 tiles.

In between week 2 and 3 I had the chance to play 3 more games vs chaos space marines. I dominated them as well while tweaking my own 1500 point list. While on my lunch break from work, I hit up the local Shane's rib shack and stopped into hobby town. Before I even step foot in the store. I hear, I been getting phone calls all week on how to beat your army. I told M "Wait why would they ask you? You did not even come close!" With a few more brilliant phrases of smack talk from me, I left with a bright smile on face knowing that I got the army to beat.

Week 3 1500 points Eldar vs Orks
I have never played the orks before, I heard that they are horrible shooters and great melee fighters. I already had my strategy in place and it worked brilliantly. First turn of the game I destroyed 2 trucks full of Orks and a 3rd one on the way. Unfortunately most of the Orks survived the explosion but this just meant I have complete control of the game now! My armies movement and firepower will destroy the orcs in a few more rounds. In the beginning of the Orks 2nd round some Ork named Rotstink, or stinky finger oh hell I don't know, came in on my table edge. So knowing that big stinky would come out I left some guys sitting there all alone waiting to be slaughtered. I knew he would take the bait and slow him down for one turn. Thank you Mr Orc general for walking into my trap. It would be a travesty if I did not mention what the MVP of the game did. The Fire dragons dropped a truck, shot and ASSAULTED nob orks.! They won and went on to kill the Warboss along with his squad of green painted tards. Eldar fire dragons wins an assault vs orks? WTF PWNED. 2 brilliant moves sealed the deal in this one. Dire Avengers stormed out of a serpent and bladestormed and entire squad of gretchin then helped a charging squad of banshees destroy a huge squad of Orks, The Banshees had favored enemy and were accompanied by a doom casting Farseer. The Orks did not live to attack back. This leaving the Orks to having 4 models on the table. Victory! and another tile!!!!

Week 4 is coming and I have 10 tiles alot of extra bonuses as well a real confidence that my army will not be beaten. Good luck to all of you vying for second place.