Friday, February 11, 2011

I got a new army, a tournament coming up, and I need some red paint.

Over the past few weeks I picked up a couple new armies. I picked up the Marines as previously mentioned. Yesterday I picked up damn near 6,000 points worth of Tau. I do not know why anyone would need 6k worth of a single army, but I got a metric shit ton of little tan battle tech guys.

I like the way the Tau are set up. Big guns, can not shoot them all that well, and suck at melee. Hmm what other army do I have that is the same thing. Oh yeah my EDDAR. The current mechanized Eddar list is now 20-2-2 over the last 4 months. Oh wait back to the Tau. Who came up with the crisis suit models? I mean a little tiny leg joint supporting a big bulky figure. Whats up with the walking mechs with big bodies and little chicken legs? I am not going to list the entire army but I have 3 broadsides, 17 crisis suits, a bucket of kroot and 8 skimmers. A bunch of fire warriors and scout sniper models. I am trying to come up with a paint scheme but some of them are painted pretty good as is.

A tournament is coming up at the local Hobby Town. I have a feeling I can win this tournament. I see 3 obstacles to this victory. 1st the lists are 1250. I hate this!! I have had all of my success at the 1500 or 1850 value. This is going to be challenging. 2. So many people have schemed and plotted against the Eddar. They have scouted, made specific lists, and conspired against me. I hope they are all to focused on the Eddar and forget to take into account the brand new big red beast hitting the blood angel armies. (storm raven) That crap is so broke it makes my list look like,... well beatable. 3rd is my own pride. I might try to over complicate the strategy and over think each move and end up making that mistake and giving myself an early exit.

Yes, red paint. I remember hearing an old saying. If you can not beat them, join them. Well I have beaten the blood angels many times. The big red fist of fiery death is making me think I need to turn the smurf marines into Blood Angels. Yes the storm raven is that bad ass! GW needs to make a new series of combat rules for units in a flying transport. If your flying at 500 miles an hour and you blow up, the troops or armor inside should not just drop to the ground with out some major damage. I have decided that When I win the tournament I will be picking up 1 storm raven. I will probably even get some of the modeling pros to assemble it while I create the big red list of death.

The future Blood Angel list will probably consist of.
1 storm raven
2 land raiders
Jump Packs,
Couple Dreds,

I will also equip them with a new brand of smack talk to give my opponents.


  1. Well hopefully you can figure out what out of the Tau stuff you want to keep and sell off the rest. Keep 2-3K and you may even turn a profit on the deal.

    Don't have to be red to use the BA rules.

    Good luck at the tourney.

  2. That is the key. If you have any suggestions I will gladly listen. I have a box of unopened Kroot. Wonder if hobbytown will give me credit towards something?

  3. I doubt they would.

    Just experiment for a while, then ebay off the stuff you don't like.

    I'd probably start with a bunch of crisis suits with plasma rifle and missile pod, a few small units of fire warriors hiding in devilfish, some hammerheads (railgun) or broadsides to taste for the S10 shots, throw in whatever else with any points left over.

  4. Yep, I made a 1850 list and its good on paper, 5 stealth suits 6 crisis suits 2 broad sides, 3 pirranahs, Devilfish fire warriors/ hammerhead and sky ray