Monday, December 6, 2010

T minus 8 hours til the Cataclysm

Here we are on another eve of a World of Warcraft expansion. I have many tough choices over the next few hours.

1. Do I go to game stop at midnight and grab my copy of  the game, come home install it and play til about 4 am, then go to work to about 2pm go to hobby town and destroy some guard or orks?

2.  Do I go to bed right now, wake up at 11:45 and go to game stop, then go to work early and get out about 10am, then off to hobby town to kill some more orks or guard?

3. Do I go to bed right now, wake up at 11:45 and go to game stop, come home and call out of work and skip killing the orks and guard and play wow all day?

4. Do I just wake up at 230 go to work, go to hobby town about noon, kill some orks and guard then pick up the game and start playing.

All of these options are very likely. However I am what you would call a fighting champion. I have a 2 tile lead in our campaign and I can either sit back with my lead and not take the chance of losing or I can go BALLS DEEP and go for 2 wins and end the campaign tomorrow. I am probably going for the 2 wins tomorrow. I am hoping my grey knight buddy John will be there for his 3rd can of Eldar ass whoopin. Although the sexier fight would be the scratchy bearded god of the orks Seneca. I gave him such a beating last time I broke his will. I took out my exacto knife and wanted to take stinkrots head but he kept telling me no. /SIGH.

There is one more player, Robert you have blemished my perfect record and stole my hive city! I hope you bring your purdy mat and squadron of tanks. I have a new list for you and its faster, stronger and full of fire power.

Does anyone else here play WOW?

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