Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Amzing win and a loss by one kill point!

Today was a rough day, It started out amazing then it got ugly. I felt great about both games even though I was down 100 points the 1st game and 150 the second, both games were hard fought and my opponents pushed my army to the brink. I learned some new tricks to my army and I also made stupid mistakes. I am not taking any thing away from their win by my mistakes I am just saying I made them and I have learned to do things a little differently.

Game one Eldar 1650 vs Traitor guard 1750.

With my extra points I put in a couple vypers and added some troops here and there. However my opponent added marbo, and chaos space marines in a rhino. I went first and took some weapons off tanks and killed a few troops. I then lost some fire power with damn near every turn my fire prisms were shaken. I had 2 squads of fire dragons get pinned from an exploding wave serpents. That really took the fire power away from me. My banshees got stuck in combat vs scout sentinels. Yeah that really sucked. 3 elite squads worth 500+ points did zippo! Turn 5, my storm guardian squad held 2 objectives out of 3 and the game ended! I have no doubt given one more turn I would of lost. Great game Jim, every time we play it is always competitive and very interesting. Thanks for the game!

Remember that win on the random game end?

Game 2.
Eldar 1550 vs IG 1700
Again I am facing an up hill battle. I didn't get much but I changed some things to get some holo fields for my Fire prisms. This game was decided on Kill points and spear head deployment ( i hate that spear head shit). First turn is about to start and I am all lined up with fire prisms set to unleash hell. Then a bolt of lightning struck. HE FRIGGING STOLE INITIATIVE! Holy SHIT! I knew as soon as I saw that die roll it was going to be a long game. Before I can move, he knocked out 2 of 3 fire prisms and they could not move, and destroyed both of my vypers with tank busting weapons. HO HUM! I struggled to really get into the game. my Banshees were again worthless and my fire dragons did not really get much off the board. We were  tied on turn 5 I was begging for it to end. I had nothing I can do to really take the tanks out, I just shot at them with scatter lasers and I got a few stunned. But his mvp was this douche named Straken! he survived a 30 shot blade storm with an assault charge! That was the difference maker. At the end of turn 6 I was begging for one more turn and of course it ended on turn 6. He was in the lead 7-6.

The cherry on the sundae was the fact he took my hive city! My first loss and it was costly! Like I said I learned a few things and I will not make the same mistake again. Vs Robert I will need to change my list up a bit.

I am still in the lead by 2 tiles. I have only one opponent left to play before i have played everyone. Oh and my dear friend Robert. I am coming for ya! I will take my hive city back!


  1. Yes, good game! The canyons were rough to get sufficient LOS, though the outflankers did good work. Random length sucks sometimes, other times it's the savior. I had a slow start but the momentum was going my way - but them's the breaks!

    Rob has both hive cities now? Sheesh.

  2. Yes sir you were on a roll. Yes he has both, but only for one week!

  3. Straken can be a beast. Did he field it in a regular command squad or a super squad with the extra two body guards, a couple advisors and a commisar?

  4. He had a medic, 2 body guards and some other guys.

  5. I think the way Rob normally runs him is Straken, medic, standard, melta, flamer, two bodyguards.